Value chain mapping


Found an interesting article by Justus & Sunitha in ‘Indian Management’ magazine. Article ‘Mapping the value chain’ highlights that assessing a company’s competitivness requires an understanding of the entire value chain system and not just the company’s own value chain.


Here are the bullets.


1-Input minimization


American airlines leaves aircraft surfaces unpainted.

Air Asia implemented a faster turnaround time.

Jetlite cut food items.


2-Alternative production process


Modified Solvay process for making Soda ash, with byproduct fertizer Amm. chloride


3- Tackling raw material shortage


Developing expertise in fermentation technology by Pfizer


4- Raw material quality


Vertical integration into steel by Timken, a bearing manufacturer.


5- Local customs and culture


Fish tanks by Walmart in China


6- Raw material from waste


Wealth out of Waste (WOW) scheme at ITC


7- Service


Eternity by Exide


8- Human relation


Contractual employment by Asia Motor works on the lines of oil-rig business


9- Technology


China Unicom low call charges for international calls


10- Marketing

11- Internet


12- Inventory turnover


Mulchandani of Baron Internatinoal borught down price of TV sets in India.


13- Supply chain


14- Erection cost


Second hand plants by Vedanta


15- Support facilities





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