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Media Cloverleaf by Edelman




Our greatest challenge today is deciding where to begin telling a story.

There are four distinct, but related, types of media today:

  • mainstream
  • hybrid
  • social, and
  • owned

Imagine them as a four-leaf clover.

  • In the first leaf, mainstream, we have the traditional delivery vehicles of print or broadcast.
  • In the second leaf, hybrid, are the versions of traditional media and media that is born digital like the Huffington Post.
  • The third leaf, social, includes Facebook, Twitter feeds and YouTube channels.
  • The fourth leaf, owned, includes a brand or company’s websites and apps—vitally important because every company should be a media company.

Sitting in the middle of the clover is search, the new on-ramp to all forms of media, as well as content which fuels “search rank.”

And there are also new influencers, such as the 25,000 people who provide half the world’s tweets. They’re passionate, fast and prolific, which makes their expertise and personal experience resonate globally.

We must work to stimulate storytelling that creates motion across all of the different types of media. We must ensure that personal stories and ideas are part of our output and that high-quality content – infographics and short-form video – can be easily found and shared to enhance search results.