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Ghosts of worry


Whenever we worry about something in the past or the future, we are setting up our own little haunted house and peopling it with our own special ghosts.
Many years ago I stayed at the home of a hospitable woman who happened to believe in ghosts. Her home had a beautiful view which took in a cemetery nearby, and though she was very fond of me, nothing I could say could convince her that ghosts from that cemetery did not pay her visits. So one day I announced casually that I was going for a walk in the cemetery.
When I returned she was wringing her hands-Did you see any ghosts? She asked anxiously.
Oh, yes-I said- Three. I told them you were too nice a woman to be living in fear all the time, and they should go away and leave you alone.
And what did they say-she giggled.
They said-We can’t. As long as she believes in us, we have to stay.
She stared at me for a second, then laughed out loud. Those ghosts never bothered her again.

-Eknath E.