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Experience sharing


Today an ex-boss visited our home and we together remembered the old days.

I reminded him how he had taught me never to lose enthusiasm come what may and told that I am passing on this wisdom to my juniors. He had also told us that if someone invites you to a family function, it means he respects you enough to include in the list of select invitees. So you must never take such invite casually but rather as a special treatment. He not only preached this but practised also. Once he was hospitalised for some problem, and when he got discharged, next day there was an invite and he took the trouble of going there. It did impress me.

Today he shared another philosophy which I am aniways trying to adapt. Which is try to be happy in the happiness of others specially your friends and competitors. He gave an example of how he becomes happy as and when his batchmate and a close friend gets promoted, even before him.

He also shared how if you have power to make a difference in the life of one person or more, you must do it. One must not trivialise the problem if a person comes to you for help in your official capacity. People tend to generalise the issue and don’t help, but that is a wrong tendency.

He also shared how he had to face problems in his career because he took principled stand and fought with bosses. He had to move from one place to other and from one boss to another but god was kind enough to take care of him always.

He always used to treat us with respect even while assigning work. His Ps and Qs were always a welcome change from the shouting bosses.

I had always had this grudge against him that he dilly-dallied and tried to stop my transfer near to my hometown. He maybe intuitively knew that or heard from somewhere. As he was today saying how he tried to help in my transfer, and his deputy was against it. Full circle. But then I was not even given a farewell when I left the place after 9 years. It is still fresh in my mind after 7 years. I was also transferred to a remote unit for 2 years, and I was angry with this boss for not stopping that. He told today that even he was upset with my transfer-out that is why he got me back as soon as he got the chance. And he did. So he took care of two grudges I had against him, so to say.

Though I shall always be grateful to him for twice helping us when we had some personal issues, about which I have shared in another post.

So all in all it was a sweet and nostalgic meeting him after so many years.

There are very few people like him, who take mentoring seriously. May his tribe increase.


Thank you Sirs


There come some people in your life, who leave long-lasting impressions, mostly through their selfless acts of kindness. I have been fortunate enough to have met some such people.

One was an ex-serviceman who was a senior colleague in my previous company. Our age difference must have been around 15 years, with he being older. Yet we developed a friendly relationship. He is always like a friend, philosopher and guide. So, due to some reasons I had to move out from parents house in our hometown to Delhi. I was recently married and we did not have much financial support. At such a crucial phase in my life, this guy helped me a lot, financially, physically, morally and in every possible way. He helped in organising a transport, lent me money, helped us settle in our new rental house and was always there as a shoulder I could lean on. I can never forget those days and his support.

During the same time, another colleague in same office was also very kind. We had decided on the D-day when we had to move out in absence of our parents, as it was an emotional decision for us. But we could not find any rental accommodation in our budget. Some that we could find were asking for exorbitant sums as advance deposits, which we did not have. At that time, this friend came like an angel and offered us to stay in an empty house they were planning to sell, till the time deal is done. We grabbed the offer unashamedly, and stayed in their furnished house with phone, ac etc. for 20 days. Then we moved out to a new rental house. When I gave him money for rent, electricity and phone usage. He refused to take it. It must have been a small amount but the trust he reposed  by letting us stay (we could create nuisance by not vacating when he wanted, and he took that risk) and not taking even a penny, has made us grateful to him for life.

Then there was this boss in another company and his wife. Though this boss prevented my transfer to a place near my hometown but that I take it as managerial role.  But as a person, they were always there for us whenever we needed any help. I remember two occasions specially. One was when wife had some issue in her office and was feeling depressed and alone. Reason being that we were 1500 km away from home, and in a state where different language is spoken. SO we at times felt like outsiders. We shared the problem with them in one of our visits to their home, and they took the trouble of going to her office to meet so that people in her office get the message that she is not alone. Second occasion was when I met an accident with two minor kids. I was slightly injured and one of the kids was also injured badly. I always feel guilty when I remember this incident because out of fear, I let those kids go alone in auto to hospital. I did keep on enquiring about their well being later on. But my act of cowardice that I left them out of fear that in this outside town, I will be harassed by his parents and police. Though he was the one driving without a licence, but still my conscience always pricks me about that incident. So I was worried that if something happens to that kid, I shall never be able to forget myself, my fault or not. Moreover, I was afraid of the legal case and all that. So in this state of mind we went to their home to share our concern. As usual they heard us out and spoke to SP City, and convinced us that nothing will happen. Mam was HR Head of company hospital. She kept us updated on kid’s condition. And finally when he was out of danger, we were relaxed. But as and when I think of that time, I bow my head in gratitude to that boss couple.

Again there was this top boss, who tried to bring me near to hometown on his own. His efforts were thwarted by above boss and the then CEO. So this top boss waited for 2 years and when the next CEO came, he again tried and succeeded. The above boss was so angry, that I was not even give a formal farewell from there. Aniways so I came to new office, but wife was in another city far away. My new boss got to know of this and on his own he asked me to get details of some senior from her company. I did, he talked, and whoa, she got transferred to same city as me within 2 months. That’s like a boss. I shall remain indebted to this boss also for life.

There are many strangers also who helped me when I needed it most. About them in some other post.