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I hope I spelled the word right in the subject line.

A colleague whose husband has gone on a tour, had brought the newspaper to office and said- I am getting to read my newspaper in office after so many days, and added- actually my hubby has this habit of taking the paper to loo (I know many such people who do), and after that I don’t feel like reading the newspaper at all. What an insight. I responded by sharing a similar problem of mine, when my wife reads the paper first, she scatters all the pages as if a hurricane has read the paper, and I end up not reading the paper or rearranging all the pages to make it readable first.

All of us have such eccentricities. Another one of mine is related to eating. When wify shares what she is planning to make for breakfast or dinner, then my mind subconsciously goes into eating mode for that dish. And if she suddenly changes the item, I feel cheated and angry. I know, it’s idiotic but that is me for you.

I have another bad habit. If I am sharing a joke or one-liner, and I feel it is being appreciated by listener/s, I end up repeating the line 3-4 times. I pledge almost every time I notice it, not to do it again. But next time, I end up doing it again.

Then you have people wearing rings on all the fingers, or gold chains all around. There are people with OCD habits like washing their hands many times a day, and if you see them washing their hands, it’s a treat or punishment, depending on how you view it. One of my colleagues not only washes his hands 10 times a day, he almost washes the whole tap, sink, slab and what not in the office toilet. Exaggerated a little bit, but he is almost there, and he takes literally 5 minutes for one hand-wash.

One of my ex-bosses has this habit of dialing another number from another phone, while he is speaking to someone on his mobile/landline. Most of the times, the phone gets connected and he does not know what to say to both the persons. And if I am in front of me, he will hand over the phone to me and ask me to carry on the conversation. I don’t know who is the person, why he was called and what to say. How romantic, no!!

Another of my friends who is a heavy drinker, has the habit of drinking while driving. And the first thing he does before taking first sip is, he dips two fingers in the glass and sprinkles three times in the air outside. This he says is offering to Lord Shiva. Strange, right.

Such is life. And it goes on.