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Millennials and workplace



Since I have 4 millennials in my 6-member team, I am interested in this topic. I found some interesting points in an article by Asha Bhandarker in Indian Management, which are jotted below:

Gen Y has been termed as selfish, disloyal, careerist, low commitment to organization, materialistic and money-minded.

Study by MDI, India found that millennials want

-freedom for experimentation

-opportunities to take initiatives

-encouraging idea generation and innovation

-appreciation of performance

-recognition and rewards

-fairness and transparency at workplace

-opportunity for growth and development

They are concerned about the style and behaviour of the executives they report to.

They look to work with those seniors who are humble and listening , accessible and available, empowering in approach as well as favourable.

A leader who is a good mentor and develops people by giving them valid and honest feedback.

Who is smart and clear thinker

An inspiring role model

Able to bring people together and build a team

Instead millennials have typically reported to executives who have been imposing, critical, ordering rather than guiding along with being close minded and rigid.


Mistakes of Juniors


This week has been unique in that two of my juniors have managed to make mistakes on two consecutive days.

First it was Lucky. Actually we had to get 2 books printed on an urgent basis. So we made the specs and scope of work for inviting bids from advertising agencies. She prepared a draft note based on our discussions and mailed it to me for checking. She also sent draft letter that was to be sent to agencies after this note was approved. I read the note and found that she had got the two books confused and jumbled up the specs. I corrected the specs and asked her to make same changes in the letter. She got the approvals and sent the mail. Next day when all the sealed bids had been received from agencies, she said one agency guy had called and pointed out the error in specs, as she was telling him something different on phone. She was very hassled, so I told her to calm down and we will see what can be done. I thought over it for few minutes and decided to tell to our boss and ask for her directions. Now I could have gone alone and put the entire blame on her, but I did not do that. I took her along and told boss that there was a mistake and explained the thing to her. She understood did not make too fuss about it and asked us to invite fresh bids. We did so and the issue was resolved. Since Finance was also involved in initial bids, I called up finance guy and said- Lucky had sent mail by mistake and this was how we were tackling. He said ok. Though Lucky sits in front of me and she was not listening. I felt bad in taking her name in front of finance. I had not taken her name in front of our boss. Secondly, I was apprehensive she might have heard in the open hall, so I wanted to come out clear, and said to her- I told finance ur name., though I did not tell ur name to boss. She said-why not sir, when I have made a mistake. Then I realized that I had broken the unwritten code of good conduct by bragging about it. I felt ashamed.

Today, Bob made a blunder. A few thousands calendars had been printed. Bob had supervised the job and today someone pointed out that there was a mistake, so the whole cost was wasted. Bob came to me and told. I kept cool and asked him at what stage the mistake had occurred. He said from the beginning. Bychance boss was not in office and was in a meeting. We asked the printer if the calendars could be salvaged, he said not really. I don’t know why but I was not very perturbed. I told him to remain calm, we will tell boss. It so happened that till late evening boss was in a meeting. So we decided we will tell later. Because if boss comes to know from some other source, she will not like that. And I had learnt from an earlier boss Jim that give negative news to boss first, positive news can wait.

Now I was in fix as there was not much fault of mine. Bob had seen the proofs, sent the okays, checked the final version. I had even asked him if he wanted any help, he said confidently no it’s all in control. Knowing myself, if i go to boss with him, I will end up becoming equally guilty if not more for the fault due to my modesty and definition of leadership. I do not want to be seen as ditching my juniors when they are in trouble. I don’t want to be seen as saying-he made the mistake. He is the culprit, let us hang him. I would rather say-we made the mistake. Boss will automatically believe what I say and consider me equally guilty.

But if I ask Bob to go to boss alone, he will feel deserted and secondly he may say anything to save himself. But that way burden of proving his innocence will be on him. Then I won’t jump and claim role in the mistake. Besides, I always encourage my juniors to go to boss and take responsibility. So they have to go when they make mistakes also.

FInally I have decided that we will go together and I will be cautious in jumping to grab the blame. If boss asks why you did not check- I will tell the truth that I asked him all is well and if my help is required, and bob said no all is well. Besides if every time I save them by sharing the blame equally, they will not get the lesson and become casual. Bob had earlier also made a mistake and he did not learn the lesson since I protected him.

Let us see what boss says.

If the issue does not become too complex, I am also taking it as a learning experience. Since I will have to face many such situations in future. Delegating jobs to my juniors and trusting them. They will make mistakes and I will have to face the brunt. Let us see how Tina tackles this.

BTW, an aside, I told Tom about his profile of activator, and he was not very happy with my assessment and told me so. He though profile fitted Jim and not him.


My Junior Tom


Out of my 4-5 team members who are all millennials, Tom is the most challenging to tackle.

Today only I gave him some task, he did it very fast and mailed it to me. I mailed back-well done. His response mail-Like.

SO that is Tom for you, as millennial as one can be.

I got to know two comments he had made about me to others.

Dick always dumps all jobs on juniors and sits idle all the time.

DIck keeps reminding me of pending jobs all the time so I don’t want to sit near him.

I let it be known to Tom that I know about these two comments he made about me.

He became very edgy and tried to get more info out of me, saying who can make such comments about you.

He also told others that I favour some people because they are close to top management. He even said that I watch videos in office all the time.

He prefers getting close to top bosses and our seniors, even at the cost of bypassing me. If boss assigns a job to me and him, he will gradually hijack the job and start discussing jobs with him, and not me. A stage will come when boss thinks whole job was done by him and nothing by me.

He keeps bitching about me to to my seniors and juniors.

He is so careless that he makes a mistake 5 times in repeated drafts. I have stopped signing his drafts without reading each draft once.

He keeps surfing the whole day, goes for tea-break 3-4 times.

The other day he was making cheap comments about our boss, who is double his age.

I have tried all formulas with him-carrot and stick, but nothing works.

Recently he attended a training, and after that he is trying to improve relations with me, let us see if this goes anywhere.


Critical feedback dialogue


Lucky (The female junior, early 30s)- Sir, what happened to that job we discussed last week. How do we do it?

Sunny (the male boss, early 40s) – I remember telling you clearly that estimate had to be taken from agency and an approval note made.

Lucky- (in a plain tone) I don’t remember.

Sunny- (getting irritated)- Well, I remember exactly, and you even said- one agency is charging reasonably, so we can get it done from that agency.

Lucky- (same tone) I don’t remember

Sunny- (with fuse blown, but in a clenched-teeth voice)- I remember 500 % that I told you, it is a separate thing that both of us forgot after that and the job was not done, but this was discussed.

Lucky- Sir, what happened, I wanted to ask you…..

Sunny- Let us not get into that in the morning, we will discuss later.

Later in the evening, Sunny calls Lucky and asks diplomatically- yes you were saying something in the morning.

Lucky- Sir, for last one week, you have been behaving differently , so I wanted to ask you what happened?

Sunny- Okay, first things first. About today morning incident, you know I hate lairs, and when someone directly or indirectly implies that I am a liar, you can imagine my problem. So when you said in the morning- I don’t remember, you were implying that I am lying, so I did not like that. This you have done once or twice in the past too, but I did not say anything. But when you did it again today, I lost control.

Lucky maintained deliberate, intelligent silence  and let Sunny finish, she just kept nodding.

Sunny then added- As for last week’s changes, let me start from the beginning.

See, as a team leader, I feel that I go out of the way to give visibility, exposure and opportunities to my juniors. Sometimes I feel that it is at my own cost, but I still do it. Secondly, I have told you earlier that my funda is clear, if one of us can do a job, I will not insist on both of us wasting our time on that. So you or me will do that. So I always try to create a positive work environment. Lastly, I asked during your appraisal this year, are there things you don’t like about me, and asked this again 2-3 times, you did not say anything, So I presumed that you are okay with my working and management style. And since I went out of the way to create a good team culture, I expected you to reciprocate that by being a good team member.

Lucky- And yes I always tried that. As for feedback about you, when you did my appraisal, I had worked with you for 2 months only so I could not tell much. But what happened last week, that changed your behaviour, which was confusing to me.?

Sunny- (Realising that her logic about 2 months working is solid, went to next topic) Well, you see, it is really good that you asked. Otherwise I was thinking that I had made a wrong image about you. After last thursday, I had stopped giving any agency work to you, and to show my anger, I was doing all agency related work myself. But when you did not react, I was puzzled. I would not have tried to have shown my anger this way to other guys. I did it to you, because I thought you were a thinking person, well-read, and you would notice the difference. So when you did not say a word, and acted normal, I was confused as to how do I manage such a team member. Because your non-reaction could mean only two things.

One, I was wrong about your emotional quotient, and you were plain Jane,a dumbo, who could not notice the difference in my behaviour, or

Two, you notice but you did not bother about my mood, anger, or reaction.

In either case, it was problematic for me. So I was confused how to handle you as a manager.

But by asking now, you have solved part of the problem.

Lucky- No, I noticed it Monday only, and in the evening I asked my mom also, and she said wait for sometime, you will get to know, but when it continued on Tuesday, Wednesday also, I was like what the hell. I did not want to ask as I was afraid it might make you more angry.

Sunny- Okay, so last Thursday, both of us knew, next three days were off-days, and we might have to work on all three days. I asked you given a choice, which days you would like to come, and you replied very curtly- If I have to come, I don’t mind what days?

That made me very angry. Here was I, a senior, who could have dumped the whole three days on you, willing to share the load, and offering you first choice. I was being generous and a good boss in my mind. And what do I get in return, an attitude and almost disobedience.

Then you said, you had to go home urgently, and I said-use official car for going. You were hesitant, but I insisted saying that we invest our holidays and all, so we deserve this much. You said okay.

I did tell you, that come what may, do try to come back, which I thought to myself, was a bit harsh, but I did tell you later that you could avoid coming if situation demands.

Aniways, you went and took a lift from another person, sms’ed me. I was okay with that. But then I went to agency and sms’ed you to use official car if you decide to come back to office. You sent back sms 2 hours later- I have taken a taxi and I have come back.

That really pissed me off, so I decided then and there not to call you on next 3 days.

On Monday also, my anger did not subside, I did not want to make an issue of it, knowing that my anger will go away in 2 weeks, so I decided that I will do all agency-related work and keep mum. This I thought will convey my anger to you. I wanted to convey two things to you.

One, I am self-sufficient and can do the work on my own, if required. If I ask you to do the work, it’s because I want the whole team to work together.

Two, If I end up doing work on weekends, I can jolly well do the work on weekdays too.

Lucky- Sir, I did not mean to hurt you, my anger was directed at the other departments who were working slowly and spoiling our weekends. Though I get it that my words did not convey this. As for car, while going home, I got a lift, and since I had already taken a taxi from home for the personal work I had, and I had to pay him aniways, so I came back by taxi.

But you could have told all this to me on Monday, you know how these things disturb me.

Sunny- No but it was intentional and I wanted you to realise how angry I was.

Lucky- I get that, but now you owe me a coffee, and please please in future do tell me if I say something wrong.

Sunny- Okay, deal.

(This is a real conversation I had with my junior this week. Thought to write in a dialogue form to make it interesting reading)

What say??

Junior this!


You can get a lot done, if you don’t mind who gets the credit, thus goes a quote. And I firmly believe in that on a day to day basis. Though I did have a conflict in my mind when I was assessed as not-the-best performer. So I can’t say I live by this quote 100 %. But to be frank, on a daily basis I act on it. However once or twice a year, when it affects my assessment, it hurts me but I come to terms with it soon enough and get on with my life.

So this junior who was feeling singled-out and shared that with me, who was feeling hurt by comments of a friend and shared. In both the cases, I took remedial measures, so that she does not feel singled-out and feel hurt. She reads a lot of books, talks sense most of the time, but last week she behaved very oddly.

We have been working on a publication for last one month. I have given her full liberty, exposure and visibility. So I was feeling good that we were working as a team. But when it came to a long weekend, when I asked her to share the load, and choose the days she wants to come, she said-If I have to come, I will come any day. Then same day, she also disobeyed me when she did not act on my advice to use office car for some urgent work, instead hired a taxi on her own. Same evening happy told, that she would tell something this junior said about me. All this made me very very angry.

So I worked on 2 full days on weekend and did not call her. Then I debated in mind if to tell her how upset I am. But then I remembered she is the same junior who had cried before others, when I corrected her draft and made a silly comment. So I decided that I will not say anything. But I was still not at peace. I kept on thinking, and found that her daughter was not well that day and I had insisted that she comes back to office. She might have disliked that, but what the hell.

So on Monday, I did not say anything to her. I kept myself under control though it was very difficult. I felt like making satirical comments or sharp taunts, but I kept mum. Strangely in that state of mind, I subconsciously took a decision that for this job, I will not send her to agency. If I have to work on weekends, I can very well work on weekdays too. She appeared to take it very casually. But somehow I am liking this sudden decision on my part. Though I know this will not work with all colleagues. But since she appears to be well-read and sensible, maybe she realises that she hurt me. Though there may be possibility that she would be carrying grudges against me, which I don’t know, but I don’t feel like asking happy right now.

Maybe in 3-4 days, my anger will cool down and things will be back to normal.

Let  us see.

Bossing around


Well at times bosses do go on bossing around, without any rhyme and reason. They will start lecturing on what should or should not have been done in a situation, without asking if I did something. Today was one such day. A set of newspaper clippings was to be organized from a small town 1000 miles away. There was this guy we had tied up with earlier this year for such jobs, again my idea and initiative, but no credit, but he was not responding today. Aniways we knew it is not that urgent as it is being made out to be, no sky is going to fall. In some departments, like the one, where we had to send these clippings, where every junior officer thinks of himself as  god incarnate, and tries to earn brownie points with his seniors by pressurizing us minions. But our own boss goes out of the way to impress them, so we are left with no help. Okay, so boss who was bunking almost the whole day, calls up in evening and starts lecturing why clippings were not arranged. I tried to explain how we tried different sources, but he was not ready to listen. Neither did he ask his favourite executive in department, who is senior to me, to take care of the job. When it comes to facilities, perks, trainings, tours, exposure, seminars, conferences, committees, he is the favourite, but when it comes to shitty jobs, I am the chosen one. So I was given a piece of boss’s mind, without ever given a hearing to what all I tried. I WILL TRY THAT I DON’T DO IT TO MY JUNIORS.

Another incident that happened today was a junior coming to me and reviving my faith in giving credit to team. Though she is very conscious, touchy and all, but she came out from boss’s room and told me, sir, boss liked the photo we got edited last week, and was appreciating the agency. But I told boss that it was your idea and not agency’s idea to redo the photo. I was not expecting this maturity and broad heart from her, I would have imagined that she would have gladly accepted the praise, without ever mentioning my name. But she did and pleasantly surprised me. That she came out and told me, and I believed her also speaks of trust in our relationship. So I am tempted to consider my self a better boss to my juniors, than my boss is to me. This junior can sit idle for long hours without feeling any repentance, which I find strange, but then she works sincerely when required, is obedient, cooperative and cheerful. So I rate her better than juniors who do insubordination, are two-faced and dishonest.

Another colleague who had expressed his desire to sit away from me, as I keep reminding him of jobs to do, was taken aback today, when I taunted that I will remind him weekly since he does not like my daily reminders. Well that was my midway solution and also I wanted him to know that I know what he said about me to others. He today tried to reconsider his decision of seat change, discussed with others and me too. So tactic worked, though this time I insisted that he sits away because I am not very keen on sitting with him specially if he was not happy with it. He also tried to patch up with me by showing some soft-porn cartoon, ultimate in male bonding, and offering to give some movies in pen drive.

Such are the ways of the world.



My Juniors


I read a quote of Charles Darwin.

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it  is stupid. Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge: it is those who know little who so positively assert that this or that problem will never be solved by science. It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”

And it set me thinking. Do I judge my team members rightly, or should I be judgemental at all. I think I need to be judgemental about their attitude to work, because that is what I am paid for as a manager. I need to judge their personal relations or things but as far as work is concerned, I do.

One thing I am gradually realizing is that we at times forget the age difference. Luckily or unluckily, most of my team members are around 30, give or take 3 years. So I often tend to expect from them behaviour more suited to my age viz. 42. But they can’t. Let me try to describe them.

One is very impulsive. He wants to do everything right now, I mean if he decides to start doing it. Many a times he does not do a job inspite of several reminders. But if he starts, he needs to finish it asap, even at the cost of accuracy at times. He recently told someone that he does not want to sit beside me, as I keep reminding him of jobs to do. He keeps passing on things from one person to other, so I have stopped relying on him to keep things in confidence. Though I use this weakness of him now if I want somethings to be known to others but don’t want to tell myself. He is very envious too. Any info or facility that his peers or seniors are getting, he would like to have that too, even if he does not deserve it.

Then there is another young lady, who is very touchy. If a senior, including me, tries to explain something to her for her benefit, she gets irritated. She reads a lot, fiction, self-help books and what not, but still I am shocked to see her immaturity level. She also shares personal feelings and family things at the drop of a hat. In our very first meeting she told a lot about her husband. I felt good that she confided in me, but that she did it was surprising. Again since she is very methodical I start leaving complete control to her and then I get a shocker when she leaves out some major thing. Then I am reminded of her age and experience.

There is this another junior who is very ambitious. She is no longer formally reporting to me now but she is functionally doing a lot of things as a team member. She recently revealed a hidden side of her when she told me after a meeting, I have many weaknesses but I know how to try and manage seniors. She was talking of my reporting boss. This statement was a shocker, as I thought it came naturally to her and she did not deliberately work on it. But she did, good for her. Then again while introducing me to her friends, she dropped the fact that she is reporting to big boss now, implied meaning being that not to me. Well there is nothing wrong in that considering she shared a very confidential info about those friends before taking me to introduce to them, as she wanted to. So I thought maybe she wanted to make good impression on them that she is reporting to the Head, so I was okay, but it did sound very unlike her. She is taking part in a competition and she is reaching out to many seniors spread across different locations. This tenacity and thought process impressed me a lot, as I might not have done it.

Another junior is again very adjusting. Over last 5-6 years, he has changed a lot,, controlled his temper, enhanced his knowledge, grown his network, got his priorities set and learnt how to manage big boss. He does mind that his being from a vernacular school is taken as his weak point, but is coming to terms with this also. He confesses that he is not very comfortable lying to me. But I do find that he wastes a lot of time in office on social media, but fb is banned now in our office so let us see.

There are two people aged more than me in my team, one male and one female. Male person is more interested in his personal work, which he devotes 30-40 % of office time to. He is afraid of taking responsibility,  avoids multi-tasking, tries to pass on problems upwards or downwards, is never anxious about timelines and is a poor planner.

The female is hard working, street-smart, always cheerful. But this is the judgement I made about her when she started reporting to me, prior to that I used to think of her as a shirker, flirt and useless girl. But how wrong I was.

So enough judgements about juniors for today, right.



I believe in delegating with full authority. That is why I assign the tasks among my juniors, and don’t interfere much afterwards, just take feedback from time to time. Though there are problems in this way of delegation. 1-2 juniors don’t do the tasks unless reminded 10 times and much after the time limit is over. They irritate me but I have not been able to find out a workable solution, since being in a public sector, as a boss I don’t have much say in their career, just a hierarchical boss.I can do those jobs myself, but then they will get used to it, and aniways that is not management.

One thing which I need to learn from my happy friend is not only to do hardwork, but also let it be known to people who matter that he does work hard. I have seen him telling an ex-boss, I can’t take more work right now, since I am already overloaded. I can not think of saying so in my life. I will overstay, overstretch, overwork but will never say no. I am not saying I am right. That is why I am observing happy friend (or we call him happy from now on) and trying to learn how to work, and be seen to be working.

Well talking of happy, since I love his attitude, his sincerity, his behaviour, his knowledge, his aptitude and lot of other things, I have made an exception in his case. For example, once I asked him to make a note for providing a car to media person since boss had asked me to. Happy said but that is the job of boss’s PS. I did not expect this answer, so I kept quite, and made the note myself. And from then on, such notes I move myself, I don’t say to PS or to happy, since it is a 1-minute job, and I don’t want to make an issue out of it. I don’t know if I did right or wrong, but maybe this is one of the traits of assertiveness that I need to develop in myself. Time will tell.

Then on other occasion, I asked happy to get draft replies to media query. He said politely  you can give it to x and y, since I have already too much work. Here again I kept quite, did not say that you write in your performance appraisal that you do media queries. So here also I made an exception since I know happy is otherwise an excellent team member.

But today one strange thing happened. Suddenly 203 newspapers sent media queries and we had to gather details from different departments. I gave it to x, since y was on leave, but as per my practice after the above incident, did not give to happy. Besides few months back, happy is not formally reporting to me but to HOD. So I am not always comfortable assigning tasks to him, which he does not like.

Second reason was that I wanted to correct this image of mine that I delegate all work to juniors and sit idle myself. Besides, boss himself works meticulously on media queries so I being 4 levels junior to him, can always assist him in making replies, which I was not doing earlier. I want boss to consider me for Excellent grade next year, after this year’s downgrade. I can try at least. But I don’t want to do it at happy’s cost, since he does deserve excellent grade. So when I was showing one set of replies to boss, happy was also there. Boss suddenly asked happy to do some queries, as he was not doing anything urgent. I felt very awkward, since happy would have thought why I did not give him directly, or did I complain to boss, or why did I not defend saying happy is busy doing other work.

Now I don’t know if boss realized my hesitation in giving media queries to happy, or he observed me doing all queries myself, or something else. But it was awkward. I thought of discussing with happy so that he may not think otherwise, but then I decided against it as of now. I may blurt out someday as we share a lot of views & opinions.







Human mind is strange. I shared in one previous post that I have been assessed and my rank downgraded from excellent (E)  to high (H). I pretended even to myself that I have been able to take it in my stride and am kool and okay with it. I asked the boss about reasons and what I could do to improve myself, but was brushed off politely saying u r good, this happens, will discuss sometime, which I am sure will never come.

Right so things must go on, but reality is not so. Now whenever boss goes away after office time and asks me to sit and wait for some important task, my heart burns. Whenever there is a holiday or weekend and I am asked to do some office work, I feel like reacting but I stop myself. Whenever boss attempts to praise me I get edgy and reply back harshly.  When other colleagues leave at 5-30 and I am expected to work overtime, I feel frustrated. Whenever I am admonished for small lapses of my team, I feel my blood boiling. But non-assertive me, always keeps quite. But internally I know all this is the result of E to H downgrading. I am still not able to digest it well. Though objectively the new boss is well within his rights to assess me as he wishes, but still downgrade is not easy to take.

Another problem I am facing with this boss that demotivates me is that he interacts directly with my reportees, gives them tasks without telling me, monitors those tasks directly, but when something gets delayed, I am expected to take care of this. I am not saying that he can’t interact with the millennials, as HOD he has right to do so. But then if they don’t act or respect me, he is to blame, as boss has given them undue weightage, and they think nothing of me in front of boss. Now they also don’t mind directly interacting with boss, without keeping me in the loop.  I try to act kool, but I don’t like this.

Then there is this ex-boss, who keeps digging holes for the present boss and expects me to help him, which I don’t, as I owe my loyalty to organisation not bosses. Yesterday only he sent some unit press release to boss. Boss called me and asked to mail to media. I edited it and sent some pix of CEO to media. Now this ex-boss calls me and starts giving lecture, why you did not research, why you did not talk to me, why you did not do this and that. I kept silent, he got the message and said take care in future. Same day earlier he called me and asked to arrange a car for a journo. Now he is ex-boss and I have to act with orders of present boss. So I asked how do I do it, he shouted that is your problem. I am literally screwed from both sides. God knows when I will be out of this grinding mill.

But all this frustrates and irritates me no end.


Inspiring leaders


Being out of topics, to write on, I visited HBR blogs site to get ideas, and found an interesting blog on leadership qualities, which mentioned being inspirational to the team as one of the 3 main qualities. The blog described inspirational leaders as

They set stretch goals with their team. They spent time developing their subordinates. They engaged in highly collaborative behavior. They encouraged those about them to be more innovative.

Other things we identified were somewhat less specific and less tangible. These inspirational leaders were more adept at making emotional connections with their subordinates, for instance. They were better at establishing a clear vision. They were more effective in their communication and willing to spend more time communicating. They were ardent champions of change. They were perceived as effective role models within the organization.

Now I can’t change bosses-for good or bad. I can’t change peers also. But I can try to be inspirational to 4-5 team members who are reporting to me. So I tried to assess myself on these points.

I do set goals with the team, but tricky people here are likes of tech guru. Whatever goal or timeline you give him, he works at his own pace. I have reminded him thousand times. He says sorry, I will take care in future, but forgets again. One other thing I noticed is that when my boss or the top boss give some work directly to him, he does it jumping and running. I don’t know if there is some weakness in me, or it is a problem in him. I can’t tell him directly that why don’t you do my work, and start jumping when other seniors give you work. Most likely he will go to those seniors and bitch about me. So till  I find a solution, I will keep reminding. Other optionj is doing the job yourself, but then that is not management, right.

As for developing subordinates, I have started sharing my feedback with them on a regular basis-positive as well as negative. But I have been told my style was rough and some juniors did not like it. So I am working on polishing my feedback style, and feedback continues.

Collaborative behaviour is too big a term for me. I give them freedom to get noticed in front of seniors, and of course seniors also encourage these youngsters. Though some juniors take it as if they have stopped reporting to me and are directly reporting to the senior. I let the juniors err and learn on their own, and don’t jump in at the slightest hint of a problem. Hope that counts as collaborative behaviour. Though one junior told me that at times I don’t help even when asked for, so I am doubly cautious on this issue now.

I do encourage team to be more innovative and find out newer and smarter ways of doing things. So I will give full marks to myself here.

Emotional connections, hmm. I thought of myself good at that and some juniors also thought that. But I have seen some juniors like tech guru taking advantage of this familiarity and ignoring or neglecting my instructions.  Then there have been some juniors who did not like my snapping on some occasions. So I need to learn grace under pressure. And my present boss has written needs training on inter-personal skills in my assessment. So I am not pretty sure on this point now.

Vision, I do whatever best is required at my level, at least I think so. Ditto for communication and change champions.

So enough self-praise for today. Rest some other day.