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Participative Management at IBM by Peter Drucker


Several years ago one of the first new PCs was being developed. Demand for it was so great ( or maybe engg. design had taken so much longer than expected) that production had to be begun before the engg. work was fully completed. The final details were worked out on the production floor with the engineers collaborating with foremen and workers. The result was a superior design, the production engg. was significantly better, cheaper, faster and each worker as a result of participating did a better job.

The lesson of this experience is being applied today whenever IBM introduces a new product or a major change in existing products. Foremen and workers get in on the planning of the product, of the production process and of his own job. And whenever used this method has given the same benefits in design, production costs, speed and worker satisfaction as were obtained the first time.

From- The Practice of Management