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There are many people for whom lying is second nature and so is bluffing.

Today only, a marketing executive came to office and was telling how his boss had been sidelined in the organisation and was almost on his way out. Actually we had discussed in the past how his boss had this irritating habit of bluffing and lying. He would commit something and later backed away. He could speak for hours about his wins and travels and all that. He knew everything and everyone. He thought that he is the only smart person in the world, and no one is able to notice is over-smartness. At times, he would call and start speaking with you in a very informal almost disrespecting tone. I could gather from his tone and words that this smart-ass had put me on speaker phone and is trying to impress someone by showing how close and intimate he was with me. Idiot. He would many a time call up after office hours and expect help. But when you tried to reach him, he would not respond or call back always.

This executive told me how the limits were crossed when he took a work order from a client for some small value. This client was not giving this business to them for last 3 years. He was very happy and so were the other team members. But this boss of him told-Why have you begged for such a small amount.  On earlier occasions also he also used to grab credit and pass on the mistake to juniors. This executive felt like slapping him. He did the next best thing and conveyed all shit to their big boss. It seems that he was getting complaints from other companies also. So this person was put on notice. Lying takes you that far.

Even on earlier occasions I have seen many guys telling lies like anything. But in the long run, everybody knows their character and no one trusts them. I am yet to see an eternal liar reaching high positions.

Some people lie shamelessly to your face. I have seen marriages on the verge of break-up because of this. But I don’t know why they don’t realise this.

Maybe they are made of some other stuff. Good luck to all liars.


Sale Announcements


When will our Indian companies get the message that writing upto 50 % off irritates some people, when you actually find that most of the items on sale are at 10-20 % discount, and only 10-15 items are at 50 % if at all. This never leaves a pleasant memory.

Nike, Adidas and other MNC’s seem to have read the pulse, and now come up with flat 40 % or flat 50 % sale, which is reasonable.

But, most of Indian companies, including our very own Westside (from TATA) continues with the practice of writing very very small invisible upto, and huge 50 % off. WHy? are customers fools. Now everyone understands it, so why not state the truth.

Say 10-50 % off in equal font size, if you can’t come up with flat 40 % thing. Any listeners.

Courier Service


Sat in bluedart courier office at indra prakash building on barakhamba road from 3 to 3.30 pm. No one was there on counter and all were having lunch. At last one guy came and told me there’s no service to the destination I wanted. Wasted half-hour. Strangely security guard was more apologetic and concerned in his looks.

Similarly last month at icici bank at kg marg, a security guard had given me cold water on requestimg. He refused a tenner tip saying it’s his duty. There also employee concerned was not on his seat and other employees saw me, and continued their gossip. No one offered to help.
So today I went to dtdc courier at kanchanjanga building at barakhamba road. Waited for 5 mins. No one in sight. Suddenly a neighbouring shopwala came and gave me his phone . On the other side was courierwala apologising and requesting me to wait. Attitude determines ur altitude.

Customer Service


Hi guys. Am back with force-feed plugging of my ramblings. But of course it’s just a forced sharing of link i do, thankfully the beauty of fb, linkedin, twitter is that if you have not hidden me already, you can always choose to ignore reading these blabbers. 🙂

So, today i share some good experiences i had as a customer. And how these taught me to be not pessimistic always.

There’s this one Mr. Dua of Orbit Motors in Rourkela who has this unique habit of standing up and greeting when any customer enters or leaves his room. Kool. He must be doing this 200 times a day seeing the rush in his room, but he does it for sure. It feels good, you feel kinda respected. Another thing I liked about him was the advise he gave.We had bought a new car and wanted to have steel guards in the front and back. And Mr. Dua said, “Sir, I would advise you not to buy external safety measures, since every car goes through extensive safety testing with the inbuilt features. The primary purpose of these tests is to ensure that in an accident even if the car gets damaged, the passengers are safe. Any alteration changes the whole dynamics, and safety guards may save damage to car but may result in more damage to you. Still if you want to buy, it’s your choice since I am anyways going to earn some profits on extra things you buy.” Wow just wow.

Another incident i remembered was a young boy named Manoj who had opened a snacks-parlour in Koel Nagar. He had worked in McD in Delhi and had big dreams. When we first went to his shop by chance, we ordered burgers and sanwiches etc. We told him everything was delicious but sandwiches were not upto the mark. That struggling guy who had just opened his shop, did not charge 75 or so rupees for sandwich and offered us another set to compensate. Walking the talk and talking the dreams, maybe. After that anytime we were in mood of some fast food, you know where we went because we knew he was very particular about his quality.

I have had to argue for small things at big restaraunts, and without desired outcome. So a small action by a cashier at Nirulas CP did please me a lot. Actually we had ordered something, and while I was carrying the full tray, some guy bumped into me and whole thing fell on the floor. I went to cashier again and wanted to place an order and make payment. Cashier remembered me and asked “Sir, you had just ordered for these things.” I told him what happened, and he instantly replied, “No issues sir, I will give you another receipt, and you need not pay again.” A cashier empowered with such quick customer service calls. But that was years back. Am not sure of their service standards now.

Lastly two incidents about doctors. One happened last year when dengue was spreading fast. We went to the doctor as one family member had fever. That doctor has a franchisee outlet of a lab in his clinic, and asked him to test for dengue. He said, “It’s not required, if i ask all my patients to get tested for dengue then what kind of doctor i am that I can not even look for the primary symptoms.” Ethical practice at its best.

Then there is this another homoeopathy doc to whom i went for treatment of skin-tags on neck. He said skin warts are curable but not skin-tags. Then he said you can try a medicine for warts if you want to. When i told him i had already tried that, he said then he wont recommend any other medicine. I asked for his consultation fee before leaving and he refused saying when he has not prescribed any cure or medicine, why should he charge. That doc could have pretended to treat me for 3-4 months and charged. And what he did was truly amazing. My salutes doc.

Let me end by a funny quote on customer service i read somewhere “Customer is the king. And king never bargains.” Till next

Malls & Corner shops


One fine day, only within a span of 15 minutes, 2 small incidents made me realize why nukkad shop/kiranewala/croner shop  is better than big shops in Malls.

I asked Kuldeep at McD outlet in EDM Mall’s food plaza, I needed 2 burgers and a cold drink. Suggest a good combo, and make it takeaway. He billed me 210. Later on from the Menu I found out he could have made the combo in 160, as there was a free coke offer on burger i took and he could combine with another offer. So because of his carelessness I paid 50 extra. I was reminded of my visits to Durga Store, where the owner would suggest me products with special offer, even without my asking so that I could save. Similarly he would often procure a product from neighbouring store for me if he didnt have one. So this is the difference.

While I was coming out, wify called and asked me to get a recharge for her airtel phone. I went to PlanetM store in same mall and asked him what offers were on. He said, that i dont know you will have to search for yourself and tell me how much charge you want. I came out and went to the shop i usually went to outside the mall. He said 444 package is there, you get full talk time. So while big retailers talk of big terms, customer engagement, loyalty and all that bs, and when it comes to real customer service, our corner store does it without knowing these high-sounding words.

So corner shop, on many counts is better than shops in Malls, with indifferent sales staff.