Organisational Intelligence by Daniel Goleman


Appliance sales at GE had slowed alarmingly and the manager was dismayed. Studying a chart showing a steady dip in sales, he and team realized that appliance division was having serious trouble with marketing. The conversation quickly turned to finding a solution. Should they concentrate on pricing? Advertising? Or some other marketing change.
Then someone from co.’s financial services arm Ge Capital showed a chart that consumer debt was reaching saturation levels. It was not that the company was failing in its marketing , but that people were having more trouble paying for appliances.
Suddenly everyone had a whole new angle on the problem. This fresh info led to discussion away from marketing to financing, searching for ways to help customers pay for such a large purchase.
This organizational intelligence represents that capacity as it emerges from the complex interplay of people and relationships,culture and roles within an organization.
Any orgn is cybernetic i.e. being engaged in continuous and overlapping feedback loops, gathering info from within and outside and adjusting operations. Systems theory tells us that in an environment of change, entity that can take in info most widely, learn from it most thoroughly, and respond most nimbly, creatively, and flexibly will be the most adaptive.


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