Talent by Marcus B et al


Talent is any recurring pattern of thought, feeling, or behaviour that can be productively applied.

David Boies is a dyslexic. He was US govt. lawyer in the antitrust suit against Microsoft. He was the one who wore down Bill Gates with his persistently polite questioning during the pretrial deposition and won over the judge with his clear exposition of the govt.’s case. His dyslexia causes him to shy away from long, complicated words. He knows what these words mean but does not use them in his arguments because of the fear of mispronunciation. Happily this need to rely on simple words  makes his arguments very easy to follow. He comes across as a commonsensical man of the people.

For David, dyslexia is a talent because he has figured out a way to apply this recurring pattern productively and by combining it with knowledge and skills, to turn it into a strength.

Other talents can be








From- Now, discover your strengths



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