Boss Management


Bad bosses happen. To tackle that, you should be looking for things to like about the boss.

If  he is not involved, that gives you latitude.

If he is a bit of a dunderhead, that makes you the smart one.

If he is driven, that means you are along for the ride.

Find things to like about the boss. Let him feel the love. Show some respect. Adopt a wee bit of humility.

Late in my career I had an office right across the hall from the boss. After every cup of coffee he barged in with a new, great idea. He was killing me. In my next job the boss was 200 miles away. I got a little lazy and sloppy from the lack of stimulation.

In the first instance I eventually realized that of the 20 or so officers that the boss supervised, I had the inside track. I was closest to him and, despite the constant distractions, I always had his ear and I always knew what was going on. I came to see it as an advantage.

In the second instance I eventually woke up and realized that distance gave me the freedom to be my own man and run things my way, without the constant interference. I just had to work order to keep the boss informed.

Rarely, if ever, should you say no upfront to boss. Even if it is a dumb idea and not your job. Just say yes, even when it hurts.

You can always say no later. After you have done some work, set up counter attack, and the boss is less emotionally invested in her great new idea.

If boss wants your opinion, she will ask for it. But when bosses are passing out taskings, they are looking for yes-men.  Give her-three bags full mam.

Follow the leader, not the led.

-By Mark Bender



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