Self-regulation by Daniel Goleman


Self-regulation is managing one’s internal states, impulses and resources.

There are five sub-traits

Self-control is keeping disruptive emotions and impulses in check.

People with this competence

manage their impulsive feelings and distressing emotions well

stay composed, positive, and unflappable even in trying moments

think clearly and stay focussed under pressure

-Trustworthiness is maintaining standards of honesty and integirty

People with this competence

act ethically and are above reproach

build trust through their reliability and authenticity

admit their own mistakes and confront unethical actions in others.

take tough, principled stands even if they are unpopular.

-Conscientiousness is taking responsibility for personal performance.

People with this competence

meet commitments and keep promises

hold themselves accountable for meeting their objectives

are organized and careful in their work

Adaptability is flexibility in handling change.

People with this competence

smoothly handle multiple demands, shifting priorities, and rapid change

adapt their responses and tactics to fit fluid circumstances

are flexible in how they see events

-Innovation is being comfortable with novel ideas, approaches, and new information.

People with this competence

seek out fresh ideas from a wide variety of sources

entertain original solutions to problems

generate new ideas

take fresh perspectives and risks in their thinking


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