Credibility by Daniel Goleman


The inventor of a promising new product, a two-chamber air mattress that had the competitive advantage of preserving body heat, tells of talking to a businessman who offered to manufacture and sell the mattresses, giving the inventor a royalty. The businessman, over the course of their conversation, revealed with some pride that he never paid any taxes. How do you do that- the inventor asked. The businessman replied smugly-I keep two sets of books. The inventor asked- So which set of books will you use to record the sales of my mattresses to compute the royalty you owe me.

To that question there was no reply. End of deal.

Credibility stems from integrity. Star performers know that trustworthiness at work translates into letting people know one’s values and principles, intentions and feelings, and acting in ways that are reliably consistent with them. They are forthright about their own mistakes, and confront others about their lapses.

From- Working with EI


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