Cheap Shots


Earlier this week I attended an award function, and a communist politician was called to present cheque to a journalist. The host editor declared that he is going to take a cheap shot and said- This is for the first time you would have seen a communist openly giving money to a journalist. The communist, not to be left behind, retorted- yes, but not own money, someone else’s.

In the same function, another politician poked a renowned politician by asking him to -hold on to secularism. This leader’s position has been challenged by his protege recently.

After these cheap shots, I thought of mine. Again this week only, I received a note from another department requesting for some jobs to be done. My boss agreed for some jobs, and declined to do others and asked me to communicate to the originator of the note, who is a year or two junior to me. I called him up and conveyed, he got agitated and said all this while your department was doing these jobs, why no this time. I tried to calm him down, but he persisted and asked me to tell my boss to reconsider, i refused obviously. He said- if you can communicate his message to me, you jolly well communicate my message to him. I was pissed off and remarked- He is my boss, you are NOT. How is that for a cheap shot. That person put down the phone angrily but later called me to pacify.

On an earlier occasion, a senior from other department called me to carry out a job involving financial implication, without any written communication. I asked him to speak to my boss. He said, his boss will talk to my boss. Which he never did. This guy calls me up again in the evening to do the job. I told him, I won’t do until a written letter or someone speaks to my boss, Mr. Chawla (changed for my anonymity). He started shouting to me using his seniority how I do not understand the importance and i bloody well do it. I retorted- I take instructions from Mr. Chawla only. And that shut him up. Why do some seniors think that they can boss around the whole organisation.

Now-a-days I feel like making cheap shots at my boss but I stop myself at last moment. Since he has given better rank than me to another junior, whenever boss gives me some important task and explains the urgency, i feel like saying why don’t you give it to your best performer. But one that will actually be very cheap of me, and second that junior is my favourite performer too, so I don’t want her to be impacted or thinking otherwise.

Though I have been trying to communicate and convey my feelings to boss through twitter and fb messages these days. Daring you say?


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