Bossy boss


We are working on designing of a print publication these days for our company. A special section was to be shown to CEO by boss today. We asked the agency to carry out suggested changes and send us colour dummy. They did, and me and my junior checked and gave it to boss for showing to CEO. Boss came back and curtly and sharply told us, there was a wrong photo caption, and you guys should have seen it, before giving to me. When he saw a flat expression on my face, he added of course I also did not check. Well that was not my intention, i.e. to make him feel equally responsible. My flat expression was more to do with me feeling apologetic and in no mood to act defensive or cover up my mistake. My junior said- I thought agency had carried out the corrections, well that was not enough, and I knew that. Why I am sharing this here is that the boss did not scream or shout or teared us apart, he was just stinging. Now I have had bosses doing all that too, but I did not feel this bad. I analysed and found that this boss always criticises and never appreciates in public or private. Whereas earlier bosses used to commend good jobs done also. So this is one learning, that you have the right to criticise if you appreciate good jobs also. As for my junior, later on I realised that she was less to blame than me, as I was the one who told changes to agency, and she did not know, she just glanced. So I was not right in discussing the situation with her as if she is also fully responsible like me. But arrow had been shot. I will see if I can cover this up in next few days.

As for this boss, why I don’t understand him is he downgrades me, gives more weightage to other peers, has made me report to a person 2 years senior to me and zero experience in PR whereas I have 15 years. Then he send other colleagues for training and seminar, in fact one of my colleagues has been sent to training 3 times in last one year, for financial reporting (he does zilch in media relations and just writes in appraisal that he does), for CSR and for a Kotler programme (I was sent at the last moment as boss had to cancel and I was last minute replacement). Boss takes him along for official functions and seminars, and I am taken along for shitty assignments. When I asked this boss pointedly what I need to improve on, he did not say anything. Speak of mentoring.

I am still trying to get a hang of the working style of this boss. Let me see if and when I succeed.


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