Self-awareness for stress management by Daniel Goleman


The more accurately we can monitor our emotional upsets, the sooner we can recover from distress. Consider an experiment in which people watch a graphic anti-drunk-driving film depicting bloody auto accidents. During half hour after the film, viewers report feeling distressed and depressed, with their thoughts repeatedly going back to the troubling scenes they saw. The quickest to recover are those with the greatest clarity about their feelings. Emotional clarity enables us to manage bad moods.

..Even when people seem unflappable, if they are actually seething inside, they still need to handle their troubled feelings. Some cultures, like in Asia, encourage this pattern of masking negative feelings. While this may keep relationships tranquil, it can have a cost to the individual…Imploding is the problem here.

Emotional implosion has several drawbacks-Imploders often fail to take any action to better their situation. They may not show outward signs of an emotional hijack, but they suffer the internal fallout anyway. Headaches, edginess, smoking, and drinking too much, sleeplessness, endless self-criticism, And they have the same health risks as those who explode, and so need to learn to manage their own reactions to distress.

From- WOrking with EMotional Intelligence 



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