My confusion


Happy told me today that big boss asked him to do some new things in the company magazine. Now happy is part of my team, so i felt bad.

Why did boss not tell me about the new things. Then I recalled happy is boss’s advisor so boss can do that. Besides I myself ask happy to take care of many things about magazine with boss, so boss is right in talking directly to happy. But still i felt bad.

One reason could be that the change boss wanted was earlier suggested by my immediate senior to me. I rejected the idea as unpractical. It seems this person went to boss and convinced him to implement the idea. And it came to me through my junior. I was pissed off.

I was so angry today that I felt like telling that my name should be removed from the editorial team. I will keep on doing the work but my name won’t be there. But then I thought I will be dubbed as a cry baby who is making mountain out of a molehill.

Then I thought of sabotaging the idea. But this will spoil my improving relations with immediate boss, if this is his backstage management. Besides boss did not ask me to do this. Happy will also be in trouble just because he shared with me.

I am so bloody confused. How do I stop boss from ignoring me and giving job to my juniors directly. Maybe by trying to get more involved and not delegating all tasks to juniors.

Moreover I and happy are not really in favour of the idea also. Let us see how this develops. The way things are going I might have to swallow my pride and do what the boss wants.

Another incident happened today. A media team was to come visit CEO. Boss did not tell me, he told happy. Again the boss seems to be ignoring me, but then again I convinced myself that boss did this because happy is advisor and also boss wanted happy to escort them up and did not want to send me, a senior, to go and escort them. Am i fooling myself nicely? It seems I am.

Such is working life.


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