Life around Strength by Buckingham et al


Sherie S. took a pragmatic approach to building her life around her strengths. Sherie is now a successful doctor, but years ago during medical school she made a rather disturbing discovery, she did not like being around sick people. SInce a doctor who does not like sick people seems as incongruous as an investor who does not risk, she began to question her chosen career. Rather than bemoaning her poor choice, however she took stock of her patterns of thinking and feeling, and gradually came to three realizations. She did indeed enjoy healing people, just not very sick people, she was driven by a constant need for achievement that was best satisfied when she could see tangible and regular proof of progress, these two distinct patterns could prove surprisingly powerful if she made her speciality dermatology.

Now, she plays to her strengths everyday. Her patients are rarely gravely ill, their illnesses are tangible, and their progress toward recovery is evident on their skin for all to see.


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