Today’s topic I chose to write on is beauty. Well as they say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, or jokingly, beer-holder. The statement aptly defines the concept of beauty. One instance that comes to mind first of all is when my younger brother told me about a cousin’s marriage. I was away so I could not attend and my brother described cousin’s wife as a dashing beauty. I thought to myself, okay, will see when we see. After a few weeks, we got to meet her and she was a plain Jane. I later discussed with my brother and he still considered her beautiful. So beauty indeed is relative.

I often see this narrative repeated with friends and relatives. Some people give preference to complexion, some to features, some to figure and so on. Different strokes for different folks. There may be exceptions like Aishwarya Rai, who might appear beautiful to majority of persons. But otherwise people have varying perceptions of beauty. And we are talking of worldly beauty here. Not a beautiful heart or a beautiful mind. Again a father will find his daughter beautiful and so will a mother. The context varies from country to country also.

Coming to individual, I have seen that there are very few women who are beautiful without makeup and at all times. Again beauty with an irritating voice quality or with a physical defect is not perfect beauty. You can call them beautiful physically, but you will not feel them beautiful, you will tend to have pity. Beauty with a dumb mind or intellect is another deviation. A wise man can live with a dumb beauty for some minutes, after that he will get bored. Beauty with wrong proportions is also incomplete beauty. Say, there is a woman with a very cute baby face, but her physique is like a man, with bulging biceps, flat chest and six packs. How will you feel? Not very good I suppose unless you are yourself a wrestler or physical trainer. Or you see a woman from behind, she has perfect 36-24-36 figure, but when you cross her and see her face, it’s all disproportionate, will you call her beautiful. Then there are women who look ravishing with perfect facial features and a toned body, but if they are dark-skinned and you are a sucker for white skin, you may not like them and vice-versa. I like my beauty to be with right curves at right places, but some may like voluptuous women. The list can go on.

But frankly speaking a genuine smile, a ringing laughter, a pure heart and an uncomplicated mind is what real beauty is. Little bit of physical preferences won’t hurt though.


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