Managing the boss


It has been a while since I started writing this blog, and since I am keeping it anonymous and not linking to Facebook, linkedin or twitter, I am losing out on many referral visits, but that is the price of anonymity.

Boss management is turning out to be a good lesson for me. It’s only been two weeks since I started working towards improving relationship with boss and it’s already paying off. His top priority was that he should be in the know of things and in loop all the time. I knew of this nature of him but used to ignore it due to my ego problem.

Now I take five minutes to jot down what all I need to share with him and when he come to our floor, I share those points in detail with him. And I now keep notes and papers to be signed by him with me, so that we have something others to discuss also. Earlier I used to send juniors to get ti signed from him. Then he has hot and sour relation with an ex-boss and thinks of me as more close to him, I have started correcting that impression also by sharing things which I don’t like about ex-boss.

And in these two weeks, I have realized the importance of having good relations with immediate boss, specially one who is feared because of his closeness with CEO.

There is renovation going on in our department and people are running helter skelter to lobby for their favourite seats in the new set-up. Now there are two seniors above me in department of the same rank, one is my boss. The other senior was going around and giving the impression that he is the one deciding the seats. His team was also giving the same impression. Now, I am okay with whoever does the arrangement but I did not like my exclusion from discussions and his team’s showing-off. With the new gained confidence of my boss, I simply said- Sir, such rumours are going on, do you know? That was enough for him to got to top boss and demand that he be included in finalization of seats. Top boss said he wanted that and had told so to other senior. Aniways this small trick resulted in my boss planning the arrangement for his team including me and shared the same with me. Win-win.

Then another junior whom I doubt for spoiling the relations between me and my boss, committed another 100th act of insubordination. After I shared the seat details with him yesterday, he went to top boss today and got his seat changed and came back and informed me. He never thought, as usual, to consult or ask me in advance. I was pissed off. Again I tried to use the fresh rapport with boss and told him that top boss it seems has changed the seat of this junior on his request. My boss being an ego-maniac, did not like it, which I knew beforehand, and asked this junior to stick to original seating plan. Junior tried to escape but could not. I know he must have been angry at me for throwing water on his plans and he will try to take revenge. But he deserved a lesson. Moreover I now realize that maintaining relations with boss at the cost of relations with juniors (if at all warranted) is better than vice-versa.

Another incident happened today. We received a note from a department that a high-level group has been formed having people from different departments, and a book needs to be written and printed. Our department has been assigned the task of selecting the agency for printing by tendering etc. Rest all will be done by the group. The moment I read it my blood started boiling. What do these people think of themselves. Is our department a printing agency? Why don’t they make us part of high level group? Or why don’t we give the names of agencies and let them do the tendering also? I shared the same with boss, who completely agreed and assured to speak with the department. It appeared like a small victory to me, in the domain of office politics. Let us see how far it goes. By the way, I got to know that HBR press has brought out a book on office politics. Waiting anxiously for my copy.

Another aside, happy has got a good new seat as favourite of top boss. We were pulling his leg and he commented- I don’t do any work which is assigned to favourites, rather top boss calls you every time for consultation. You will see in next order, you will get formal designation of favourite person. Though happy and me share complete trust, this statement brought out her latent views and thoughts. I was wondering are there more such hidden thoughts.


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