Harry Truman- perseverance


One tough sissy


Captain Harry Truman had no business serving in WW-I. He was practically blind in one eye, wearing thick, corrective glasses from age 8. Harry memorized the eye chart so he could join the army…Throughout the war he carried in his pocket a picture of Bess Wallace, the only woman he would ever love. He first saw Bess at age 6 in Sunday school, and it was love at first sight…it would take Harry 5 years to get up the courage to actually speak to Bess, who came from a well-to-do family. Harry was poor and was looked upon as sissy. At 26, he visited her on Sundays and kept up a steady letter-writing campaign. He proposed marriage, she declined. He wrote back and thanked her for not ridiculing him, and continued the barrage…Harry borrowed money to mine zinc in Oklahoma, failed. He borrowed more money to drill the oil, well went bust. At 33, Harry was penniless and a failure. As Harry prepared to go to war, Bess agreed to marry. This time Harry said no. He didn’t want to subject Bess to marriage with a prospective cripple. Harry returned whole and with renewed confidence from his military success. He was now a leader of men, described by one soldiers as- one tough son of a bitch of a man. Six weeks after returning home from France, Harry and Bess were wed. The marriage would last their lifetimes, persevering through numerous trials and tribulations. Harry Truman was persistent, determined and had character. And those same qualities that ruled his love life would take him to the White House-as president and commander in chief. When Harry Truman locked on a target he was one tough sissy.


(From Operation Excellence by Mark Bender)



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