I believe in delegating with full authority. That is why I assign the tasks among my juniors, and don’t interfere much afterwards, just take feedback from time to time. Though there are problems in this way of delegation. 1-2 juniors don’t do the tasks unless reminded 10 times and much after the time limit is over. They irritate me but I have not been able to find out a workable solution, since being in a public sector, as a boss I don’t have much say in their career, just a hierarchical boss.I can do those jobs myself, but then they will get used to it, and aniways that is not management.

One thing which I need to learn from my happy friend is not only to do hardwork, but also let it be known to people who matter that he does work hard. I have seen him telling an ex-boss, I can’t take more work right now, since I am already overloaded. I can not think of saying so in my life. I will overstay, overstretch, overwork but will never say no. I am not saying I am right. That is why I am observing happy friend (or we call him happy from now on) and trying to learn how to work, and be seen to be working.

Well talking of happy, since I love his attitude, his sincerity, his behaviour, his knowledge, his aptitude and lot of other things, I have made an exception in his case. For example, once I asked him to make a note for providing a car to media person since boss had asked me to. Happy said but that is the job of boss’s PS. I did not expect this answer, so I kept quite, and made the note myself. And from then on, such notes I move myself, I don’t say to PS or to happy, since it is a 1-minute job, and I don’t want to make an issue out of it. I don’t know if I did right or wrong, but maybe this is one of the traits of assertiveness that I need to develop in myself. Time will tell.

Then on other occasion, I asked happy to get draft replies to media query. He said politely  you can give it to x and y, since I have already too much work. Here again I kept quite, did not say that you write in your performance appraisal that you do media queries. So here also I made an exception since I know happy is otherwise an excellent team member.

But today one strange thing happened. Suddenly 203 newspapers sent media queries and we had to gather details from different departments. I gave it to x, since y was on leave, but as per my practice after the above incident, did not give to happy. Besides few months back, happy is not formally reporting to me but to HOD. So I am not always comfortable assigning tasks to him, which he does not like.

Second reason was that I wanted to correct this image of mine that I delegate all work to juniors and sit idle myself. Besides, boss himself works meticulously on media queries so I being 4 levels junior to him, can always assist him in making replies, which I was not doing earlier. I want boss to consider me for Excellent grade next year, after this year’s downgrade. I can try at least. But I don’t want to do it at happy’s cost, since he does deserve excellent grade. So when I was showing one set of replies to boss, happy was also there. Boss suddenly asked happy to do some queries, as he was not doing anything urgent. I felt very awkward, since happy would have thought why I did not give him directly, or did I complain to boss, or why did I not defend saying happy is busy doing other work.

Now I don’t know if boss realized my hesitation in giving media queries to happy, or he observed me doing all queries myself, or something else. But it was awkward. I thought of discussing with happy so that he may not think otherwise, but then I decided against it as of now. I may blurt out someday as we share a lot of views & opinions.






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