Motivation by Lineback


Methods of Motivation


Praise- Honest & appropriate


Promotions & Career advancement

Matching the employees and the job

Are expectations clear?

Is there a match between responsibilities and capabilities?

Involve the person in the planning

Make a change

Make the job itself motivating

Forthright appraisals built around goals




Psychologists identify  two kinds of motivation related to work-Intrinsic & Extrinsic.

Extrinsic motivation comes from rewards and other elements related to work like money, title, promotions, formal recognition.

Intrinsic motivation comes from work itself and positive internal feelings that the worker develops from doing the work well.

Job enrichment tries to increase intrinsic motivation by ensuring

-Work must be perceived worthwhile by the employee (Meaningfulness). Job needs to challenge workers skills.

-Employee must feel personally responsible for results. For this he needs to have a sense of autonomy- discretion in say scheduling, resource & time management. Job, its objectives must be clearly defined.

-Employee must be able to determine for himself regularly if his work is satisfactory.



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