Emotionally competent airhostess by Daniel Goleman


It was Super Bowl Sunday, when most men are to be found in front of TV. A flight from New York to Detroit was delayed two hours, and the tension among the passengers- almost entirely businessmen- was palpable. When they finally arrived in Detroit, a mysterious glitch with the boarding ramp made the plane stop about a hundred feet from the gate. Frantic about being late, passengers leaped to their feet anyway.

One of the flight attendants went to the intercom. She did not announce in a stern voice, “Federal regulations require that you be seated before we can move to the gate.”

Instead she warbled in a singsong tone, suggestive of a playful warning to an adorable small child who has done something naughty but forgivable- You are staaaaaaaan-ding.”

At that everyone laughed and sat back down until the plane had finished taxiing to the gate. And given the circumstances they got off the plane in a surprisingly good mood.

From- Working with Emotional Intelligence

After reading this story I was reminded of an AIR INDIA flight I took a few months back. The pilot had a similar sense of humour and presence of mind. He spoke in a very friendly and lovable tone in an informal manner. Shared that the flight was delayed because of sudden change in weather. Trip might be bumpy due to rough weather, but he would try to avoid very rough pockets. And when in the short flight, refreshment could not be served due to poor weather, he apologised and said-on your next trip coffee due on me. Loved his informal and personal tone. I would blindly trust such a pilot in case of crash or emergency landing. May his tribe increase.


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