Marketing 2020


12th Feb.’2020, my birthday & 20 items in my wish list on Amazon gifted to me by friends. On the way to party, a call comes from my favourite restaurant wishing me & inviting for a complimentary family dinner. I picked up the goodies I bought online in  morning, after making all comparisons. Impatient me, opted for pick-up from nearby store same day. I then get a callback in response to my tweet requesting for movie on demand, confirming the booking and making it complimentary also on my birthday. We settled in coffee shop and cut the cake made on order by an FB friend, and had beer recommended by 200 online friends, my minimum benchmark before trying out a new product.  Later as I entered the megastore, the scroller rolled out my name with other visiting customers who had birthdays, courtesy smart chip in my store-card. Just as I was paying through my cell, it adjusted for a 20 % discount voucher I was not even aware of. While walking out, I saw a yummy ad on TV for a new baked bhatura and as I held up my cell for scanning and instant home-delivery order, I woke up.


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