My appraisal rating


Our organisation has recently started a new system of transparency in performance review. So the marks given by my reporting officer and reviewing officer as well as the overall ranking.

I was last year ranked as excellent performer (EP) and this year I have been downgraded as high performer (HP). My reporting officer is angry with me so I expected something like this, though he does not have much say in overall ranking. Moreover the marks he gave me were also not very bad. So I spoke to reviewing officer, as to how come I was downgraded. He did not tell me any weaknesses and said would do so later. But said- You are good I know, but the grading will not affect your promotion. I could also say that then why give others EP, but did not because last year my review was done by a different reviewing officer.

I could know till now that EP rating has been given to my happy friend. SO personally I am happy for her. Professionally also she is in a different grade so not competing with me. But some corner of my mind is still not okay with me not getting  EP. As in last year myself and happy friend both got EP. So why not this year. But then this is not in my hands. I would have been more happier if I had also got EP, though if one asks me I agree if any other person deserves EP, besides me, it’s my happy friend.

One part of my mind is kool with it though, in the sense that I can now try to be a bit casual in my work approach as per HP standard, not EP standard. And if it affects my promotion, I can always change to 9-to-5 mode. But this may be just momentary outburst of emotions. Additionally I could know of EP grade of my happy friend only, so I am at peace. If I get to know that some other people have also got EP grade, then my fuse will blow. Though I won’t be able to do anything.

Some juniors are making fun of the review system, because marks given by reporting and reviewing officer don’t seem to have a direct linkage to overall grade.   One junior asked me jokingly, why should I listen to you if marks given by you can not get me EP or HP grade. She was right in a way. Another junior came to me and asked why I am rated as Average performer (AP). I told him I have given you best marks. So please ask other seniors. One other junior is happy that he has been upgraded from AP to HP. Though I have no role in upgradation and downgradation of rating.

One good point is that people are able to judge the two-faced behaviour of seniors.

Funnily, there are instances where 98 marks is given HP, and 92 marks is given EP. Best way to demotivate employees.

Will share more as I hear people’s comments.


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