What I learnt from bosses


There  was an advertising agencies presentation in our office. And during the presentation I observed my boss conducting the things very smoothly.

His composure, soft voice, keen observations were indeed something I need to learn for when I grow up to be the big boss, if ever.

This set me thinking on what all have I like in or learnt from my various bosses in the past. So here is the list.


-Never lose your enthusiasm. (A boss specifically advised me this on a bad day)

-Be disciplined and systematic. (One boss taught me through his actions, he used to devote a fixed time for his second love, writing, and was always on time for all his official commitments)

-Give juniors/youngsters space for making mistakes so that they can learn (Have seen boss doing so and stating so as his management philosophy)

-Always stick to your professional behaviour, no matter what. (One of my bosses had to suffer because of this, but he took a principled stand and stuck to it. People still remember him for his professionalism)

-Try to help your juniors personally if you can. (This boss helped me and wife get relocated to a new city, and I am always grateful to him for that. Hope I can pass it forward to my juniors.)

-Ask and fight for your rights. (Have seen 2-3 bosses do that, though I have not been able to do this till now for myself. I just adjust to the unjust bursts at times.)

-Speak out your mind always. (One boss did this a lot, and it wasn’t bad)

-You must react and point out if you feel you are not getting your due place or things. (One senior is doing it effectively)

-If you are assigned a new job, you have to force your way into the scheme of things, if you want to make a place for yourself. (Another senior is doing this now, though I don’t like the way he is doing it.)

-Always do a recee for important events, as you are sure to find out misses or lapses on actual venue. (One boss always does that)

-Treat all visitors senior or junior with respect and as a human being.. You never know who can help you when. (One boss does this a lot)

-If there is some mistake, error or misunderstanding, never hesitate to go to the person and try to clear the confusion. (Have seen this succeed many a times)

-Always be free and frank and honest with your team because you can’t be two-faced with them for long without them knowing it. (I have seen both kinds, and I prefer honest bosses not hypocrites)

-Tell and involve people on need-to-know basis. That is a better way than consensus for each and everything. (Have seen both types and I find latter the better one)

-Never lose your patience in crisis. (It has helped many a bosses)

-Always acknowledge the good work done by juniors and take care of people who go the extra mile by taking care of their small needs like drop-home etc. (Have had such a boss and people were very appreciative)

-Always treat your juniors with respect (I loved all the bosses who did that)


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