Working overtime


Yesterday happy friend (one of my team members, I have written about in earlier posts) was communicating proof-reading changes to the agency over phone. The office time was over, and she was rushing to complete the job. While going out, I asked her if she needed any help and reminded her that she should not miss the bus.

Today she was telling somebody, and I overheard that how she was facing a lot of problem in communicating the proof-reading changes because of loud noise resulting from ongoing renovation in our office. She had to almost shout at full volume to be heard on the other side. Then she took the balance matter to chartered bus and communicated the changes in the bus.

I was suitably impressed, though I am pretty sure she was not saying it so I could hear. What I like was how she understood and acted upon the urgency, we wanted to bring out the mag in June itself. Inspite of problems, she never complained and managed on her own. She talked to the agency guy on her own and convinced him to make extra efforts for completing the magazine in time. She took the trouble of doing work on the way home. And to top it all, she never made a tall story out of it. It was like part and parcel of the job for her.

The last point made me think of occasions when I had also done similar late evening and late night jobs. But I took it in my stride and never grudged or tom-tommed about it. I do it now also many a times. I don’t have this habit of bragging or cribbing about such overtime jobs. It felt good to see her do that.

But what made me wonder was the effectiveness of this behaviour. Should not she or me tell our seniors about such overtime working, like others do. Or should we continue behaving in the same way.

In her case, since now I am not the reporting boss, it’s okay. Though I am dead sure she won’t tell her boss also about this. So should we keep doing the same assuming that boss will notice or know, and what is more important is timely completion of job.

Any advice?



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