There are many people for whom lying is second nature and so is bluffing.

Today only, a marketing executive came to office and was telling how his boss had been sidelined in the organisation and was almost on his way out. Actually we had discussed in the past how his boss had this irritating habit of bluffing and lying. He would commit something and later backed away. He could speak for hours about his wins and travels and all that. He knew everything and everyone. He thought that he is the only smart person in the world, and no one is able to notice is over-smartness. At times, he would call and start speaking with you in a very informal almost disrespecting tone. I could gather from his tone and words that this smart-ass had put me on speaker phone and is trying to impress someone by showing how close and intimate he was with me. Idiot. He would many a time call up after office hours and expect help. But when you tried to reach him, he would not respond or call back always.

This executive told me how the limits were crossed when he took a work order from a client for some small value. This client was not giving this business to them for last 3 years. He was very happy and so were the other team members. But this boss of him told-Why have you begged for such a small amount.  On earlier occasions also he also used to grab credit and pass on the mistake to juniors. This executive felt like slapping him. He did the next best thing and conveyed all shit to their big boss. It seems that he was getting complaints from other companies also. So this person was put on notice. Lying takes you that far.

Even on earlier occasions I have seen many guys telling lies like anything. But in the long run, everybody knows their character and no one trusts them. I am yet to see an eternal liar reaching high positions.

Some people lie shamelessly to your face. I have seen marriages on the verge of break-up because of this. But I don’t know why they don’t realise this.

Maybe they are made of some other stuff. Good luck to all liars.


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