Managing Men


Management itself is becoming increasingly complex. In addition to rapidly changing technology.. management today has to be able to handle many new relations problems-relations with the government, relations with suppliers and customers, relations with the employees or with labour unions- all of which require better managers.


For it is of the essence of an industrial society that it increasingly substitutes for manual skill theoretical knowledge, ability to organize and to lead-in short, managerial ability.


What is needed is the development of managers equal to the tasks of tomorrow, not the tasks of yesterday.


There are five basic operations in the work of a manager.

-He sets objectives.

-He organizes.

-He motivates and communicates.

-He measures.

-He develops people.


The good time users among managers spend many more hours on their communications up than on their communications down, but they seem to obtain these as an effortless by-product. They do not talk to their men about their own problems, but they know how to make the subordinate talk about theirs.


The manager who utilizes his time well also spends a great deal of time on considering his boss’s problems, and on thinking what he can do to contribute to the success of his boss, of the whole activity and of the business. He takes responsibility, in other words, for his boss’s job- considering this a part of his own job as a manager.


There is one quality that cannot be learned, one qualification that the manager cannot acquire but must bring with him. It is not genius, it is character.


(From The practice of management by Peter Drucker)



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