Boss peeves


First of all, I don’t get it why senior officers are interested in their photo coming out everyday in newspapers, and even in small shitty newspapers no one reads. Then newspapers have become smart and have come out with marketing-controlled half-page once or twice every week, and they oblige big clients by carrying their news and photos. I heard comment one CEO of another company called these pages Obituary pages, but even he does not mind his photo coming in these pages. There is a sort of childish competition as to whose photo comes first and at what position. My hunch is that more than top management, the juniors  are more keen on this for earning brownie points.

Aniways coming to the point today, a photo release was sent to marketing group, and as usual a junior followed it up with a call. One of my seniors also followed it up with major newspapers. So today when the photo did not come out, he called me up and started shouting, why did the photo not come out. Take your junior to task. Actually he was angry over me, but I don’t know why he did not accuse me directly. The fact is that HE ALSO CALLED NEWSPAPER IN FRONT OF ME YESTERDAY TO GET THE PHOTO PUBLISHED AND WAS GIVEN COMMITMENT. So how the hell me or my junior are responsible when you yourself have monitored. But I did not say anything to his face. But why do these seniors don’t realize.

Same senior earlier accused me of putting him in soup, over late release of an advertisement. Fact is that we were waiting for an approval, and knowing that approval might come late, I had asked him to release the ad. But concurring department did not agree, and he did not take the risk of releasing on his own. But as and when there is a mention, he also blames me. One colleague told me last week, that this boss told him in similar context, that get okay from concurring department fast, since due to same problem, I was trapped in  problem. SO he did accept, that it was in his knowledge why the delay happened. But still he blames me. False lives.

On another occasion, he had cleared an advertisement in which caption was printed wrong, but when top management wanted to take someone to task, he put the entire blame on me. What leadership.

Same problem I have faced with other bosses also. They see, clear, okay everything. But when there is a mistake, they don’t accept responsibility or part-ownership. Credit is their, but when their is delay, junior is responsible.

And poor non-assertive me, I can never tell them on their face that they are aware of everything, and now they are pretending to be ignorant and un-involved.

Bosses, bosses everywhere, no leader anywhere. :(((


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