Confusing juniors


In my 16 years of service as a manager, I have come across different types of persons. Today I shall try to write about juniors whose behaviour confuses me. I am not always sure how to tackle them. Though different issues pertain to different persons, I am collating them together here.

-He takes my instructions lightly, but when super boss gives some instruction, he runs and races to do the job. I try to remind him as and when, but he is casual in his approach.

-He takes everything negatively. All is wrong in the world for him. Even if there is a benefit being given to him, he will try to find some ulterior motive behind it. I try to show a broad view to him, but he is not convinced.

-He starts shouting the moment something unacceptable to him is assigned. I avoid shouting back but it is not possible always.

-If I suggest some changes in the draft, it is taken as criticism. Well that is what seniors are for, no. But he goes to others and cribs. When I ask during periodic appraisals what I can do to help better, he says nothing.

-He prefers going out during office hours 4-5 times a day. I have tried hinting but he is shameless. Being a government organisation that is best I can do.

-He reads novels and magazine during office hours. I have tried hinting that this gives a bad impression, but he is least bothered.

-He starts his day with personal work, in between also keeps doing the same and office work is his last priority. For every small thing, he keeps running to you for advice. I have started dropping hints, since he is older than me. Let us hope he gets hints.

-There is one lady colleague to whom if you say something against what she is saying, she starts crying. Now what to do with that. I have now stopped saying anything to her.

– He will keep running to big boss, bypassing me, even for jobs which I have assigned. Since big boss does not mind, I keep quiet, but I feel bad. At times, his over-smartness has landed me in trouble as big boss was  not happy that I did not tell him and this junior did. Whereas this is always a case of he running off to big boss and earning brownie points.

– I encourage him to go to big boss for files, signs etc., and he thinks I am dumping my work on him.

– I give work to him, and he makes faces and delays it intentionally. I end up doing the job  myself, but that is not an ideal scenario.

-He starts comparing his workload with others. I know or at least I think I do, who is capable of what and I assign the jobs accordingly. But this comparison irritates me. He at times starts comparing his work with me even, daring huh.

– Even when urgent job is going on and I assign him some task, he takes it very lightly and delays it resulting in a crisis. So next time I don’t give him urgent tasks and he is happy with that. But that again is not how it should be.

– He tries to use his half-expertise, uses his personal contacts and awards the jobs to them. Does not bother about taking approvals beforehand, and later asks for signing on dotted lines on personal rapport. Inspite of repeated warnings, no effect.

-He claims that he will overstay if required, but on many occasions, though I don’t say so but I expect, and he does not stay.

-He goes and bitches about me to seniors, my boss and superboss.

Well enough for today, rest some other time.



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