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When will our Indian companies get the message that writing upto 50 % off irritates some people, when you actually find that most of the items on sale are at 10-20 % discount, and only 10-15 items are at 50 % if at all. This never leaves a pleasant memory.

Nike, Adidas and other MNC’s seem to have read the pulse, and now come up with flat 40 % or flat 50 % sale, which is reasonable.

But, most of Indian companies, including our very own Westside (from TATA) continues with the practice of writing very very small invisible upto, and huge 50 % off. WHy? are customers fools. Now everyone understands it, so why not state the truth.

Say 10-50 % off in equal font size, if you can’t come up with flat 40 % thing. Any listeners.


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I am a 40+ male PR executive from India. I have deliberately kept my identity hidden so that I can freely, frankly open my heart and share my feelings about people I know from work and outside. Hope you enjoy the resulting emotional free-flow in my posts. I do fear and dread the day when my identity is disclosed and I may be forced to totally delete this blog, unless of course a publisher comes with an interesting offer ;)

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