Facebook magic


Today only a visitor came and I told him how I liked the quotes column in their newspaper, and very often copied the good quotes as my FB status.

He thanked me and shared his FB experiences.

His mom developed certain heart condition, and they got tests etc. done. Three arteries were 90 % blocked. They were advised to go for bypass surgery. His brother who is in a health-related industry, posted the condition and their dilemma on FB. He got 70 odd responses from doctors and other friends with available options and remedies. Some FB friends even asked for report-scans and consulted among themselves to work out the action. Finally this visitor (who is also an FB friend of mine) family finally decided to hold the bypass, and the deliberations are still on.

Second instance he shared was a US based NRI FB friend. She saw that he is from Bhopal and she needed the mobile phone number of a VIP from Bhopal. She sent an FB message at 4 am indian time, and this guy told he is up by 4 every day. So he checked the notifications, and bychance he had that number so he forwarded it. The lady was pleasantly surprized to receive the number and at 4 am. Beauty of FB.

Third instance he told was that one fine day he got a call from an unknown number. Guy introduced himself and on asking told that he was an FB connection (you would agree all of us have some FB friends whom we have not met in person). So this guy checked and found that they were actually connected on FB. The caller was also from media and he found this mutual interest of same work industry. Purpose of his call was that he had started his own venture and wanted some business and leads from him.This friend was given address and invited to the caller’s residence. The guy has not been able to go there as of now, but passed by the palatial bunglaw and was visibly impressed. He intends to pay a visit soon.

Such is the magic of FB and social networking.


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