life IS fun


Going by the track record, it seems i m the one who is writing this blog, and i m the only one who is reading this blog too, what a boost to ego. But it is fun, so be it.
Last week, 2-3 incidents happened which made me give this title.
An AGM in our office called at my intercom number and started giving order for coffee and toast etc. I kept on hm-hm’ing as i had recognised his voice and wanted to play along. Once he finished his order, i told him, “Sir, i have stopped doing the canteen work these days.” Then wisdom dawned on him and he started asking who’s it, i told him and he started lafing his heart out, from then on, whenever he sees me, first thing he says is sorry, and then starts lafing.
Another incident happened near an ATM machine. I was next and last in the line to go in. Suddenly a boy came rushing in and barged inside to use the ATM, while the earlier users was still in. I got very angry, and was starting to give a big lecture to him on queue manners and etiquette and how my time was also important. But then i stopped myself, thinking it’s only one person, chalta hai. I was patting my back for controlling my anger. When he went away, i went inside to withdraw cash. Suddenly i realised that i had no ATM-card and left it at home. At that instant, I thanked my stars for helping me control my anger earlier. Had i fought with that boy, and he had offered me to go first. I would have been embarassed to ground. Such is life.

Third thing that happened is, we bought the MTV-alarm clock for Rs. 500, as it has that tring-tring bell alarm-sound. The beep-beep sound of normal clocks is no match for a kumbhkaran-avatar like me. But since we have bought that alarm clock, and the day we set the alarm at 7 am (earliest i can think of), my sleep breaks at 6-30 am, i wait for the alarm to ring so that i can get up. The day i don’t set the alarm, i wake up at usual time of 7-30 onwards. Any kala-magic? 500 gone down the drain.
So, life IS funny.


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