English Vinglish


An acquaintance recently shared an incident about the flexibility of english lang.
A boss had marked a training related paper to his junior. The paper was a request for nomination of one person for attending the training. Boss wrote “Please attend” and marked it to that junior. After two days, when junior submitted that paper with a note for tour approval, boss had a change of mind. He refused to allow, but he had marked on the paper, and he did not want to overwrite. So his creative solution! he added ” to this”, so making the noting read as “Please attend to this”. Hmmmm.
This reminded me of oft-quoted similar incident, maybe false. There was this top boss who received a proposal for approval. Apparently, he was not given his cut, so he remarked “Not approved”. Affected party approached him, requested, gave his cut and asked to amend the remarks. He just added an E. So “Not approved” became “Note approved”. Imaginative na!
Then there is this incident of my angreji-gyan. I have this foot-in-mouth disease since long, you see. Years back, I was sitting in front of my boss with a lady colleague. We were just chatting. I made some funny comment on the lady colleague. Boss smiled naughtily. I explained, “I was just pulling her legs.” Bosses are bosses. He corrected my angrezi then and there in front of her and said, “Sanjay the phrase is pulling-her-leg. Pulling her legs has a totally different meaning.” That office was on ground floor, or I woould have jumped out of the window. Thank god for the lady, she pretended not to understand. I have many such goof-ups to my credit.


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