Media Sellers


As a PR professional, we get to interact with Marketing rep. from media groups. Some of them are so good that professional relation turns to personal relation. But then there are some.

One of the things I hate about these I-am-too-smart-for-anybody types is when they enquire about a proposal from boss, get the status and then call me up asking about the status, without telling that they have spoken to boss already. Why don’t they understand that they are spoiling their image in long-term by doing these things.

Then there are some who don’t even have an iota of personal relation with you and have the guts to pick up the phone and call you up to ask why I didn’t get that ad, as if it was their right.

Of course there are some who go out of the way and make you realize that they are as serious and sincere about the job at hand as you are, and then there are some who take things for granted, don’t have any knowledge of business, media industry, market, and think they can sweet-talk their way to everywhere.

There are marketing friends who have worked with me till 11 in the night. But then there are others who expect you to pick up their call anytime of the day, but when you call them beyond duty hours, don’t even return the calls.

There are friends from marketing media who have taught me a lot about the industry and then there are those who don’t know their ABC’s and IRS’s. Some even try to bluff about the figures of circulation and readership, and shut up only when you show them latest data available with client.

There are friends who have kept in touch even after they no longer service my firm, and then there are people who come to office ten times, don’t bother to say hi, and when they have some work with me pretend to be very goody-goody and paly-paly. WTF.

There are people from marketing who have showed how to keep professional and personal relations separate, and then there are those who get agitated over professional matters and then carry on with their grudges.

Then I have seen people putting you on speakerphone at their end, without having the decency of telling you or asking you. In most of such cases, they are trying to impress some person sitting with them as to how close they are to client, or how forced-friendly they can be.

So enough ranting for today, but I would end by saying that from these group of people only I have made some nice friendships, and I understand that I would have been at fault many a times, so these are just one-sided views or opinions, which I thought of sharing without naming names.

One instance I remember is where one person was enquiring about a delayed payment. We told him that we were looking for the misplaced file and we even searched for the file in front of him. And the very next day our CEO receives a letter that we are deliberately delaying the payment. Even after 5 years, I have not been able to forgive that person for backstabbing and pretending to be goody-goody.

One generalisation I have formed is that more sweet-talking and oily-smile a person does, more hypocrite and backstabber he is.


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