14th Floor


What is good in staying on 14th floor.  Royal suite feel, fantastic city view and less noise.

What do u do when there is no power, no lift  and no water for two days in your building.

You climb up and down stairs to ur 14th floor apartment. You save water like u r living in desert. U kill time in malls as u r afraid to go back home, and u watch movies to make best use of ur time. U plan to go and stay at ur relatives to tide over the crisis period.

And yes u curse the civic authorities which rebuilt roads and drainage system, just few months back, and nothing helped when heavy downpour came and ur building basement was filled with water to the brim, taking down the power panel with it.

This is Ghaziabad Multi-storey apartments for you, where a 2 BR costs in the range of Rs.55-60 lakh.


About my2twobits

I am a 40+ male PR executive from India. I have deliberately kept my identity hidden so that I can freely, frankly open my heart and share my feelings about people I know from work and outside. Hope you enjoy the resulting emotional free-flow in my posts. I do fear and dread the day when my identity is disclosed and I may be forced to totally delete this blog, unless of course a publisher comes with an interesting offer ;)

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