Memory games


Memory plays funny games with you. At times it makes you smile and at others it brings tears to your eyes. A song can take you back to old days and help you recall memories of the days when you first heard it. For example, when I hear Gurdaas Mann songs, it takes me back to audio cassette days and school days and refreshes mind with memories of those days. For some these may be Baba Sehgal, for others it may be some angrezi singer. I can still see one ex-boss imitating John Travolta dance.

There are times when we are alone and our mind goes back to happy days and embarassing moments and brings smiles and grins on our faces. At times, a remembrance of sad moments in our life in the past spoils our mood, without any rhyme and reason.

While surfing TV channels, if i get to stop at a “Dil” or “Hum” it brings a rush of school day memories. Maybe that’s why we give importance of “first”. The first kiss, the first crush, the first love, the first deception, the first day on the job, the first salary, and so on. Try thinking of these moments and I can assure you you feel sensation related to some of these moments if not all.

From the school, college days, I remember how we used to go to a friend’s place to prepare for exams and end up playing several rounds of chess or business from 10 am to 6 pm, promising to ourselves that the next round will be the last one. Vipin Khera will vouch for that. How friends used to come over and stay for night during exam days so that we could study together. The college park where we could pick one friend and let loose our naughty tirades at him. Going out for tea at 4 am in the morning. Going to hostel friends to have the taste of canteen meals, and forcing them to share the pure ghee preparations they brought from their homes.

Facebook motivates you to share your happy memories by searching for old photos and each old photo brings sweet, bitter, pleasant, sad, slim 😉 memories for yourself.

Memory has the power to arouse emotions like anger, hatred, affection, disgust, contempt, the list is endless. Just the Mind. A marriage party in family invariably helps you relive your marriage moments. Ditto for some sad family occasions.

We normally don’t write letters these days but when i see letters written to me as back as 10-15 years ago, you know where my mind goes. Have you ever revisited a tourist place after a gap of few years, then you’d know what memory can do. Can you watch together a family function video and stop yourself from recalling a funny, awkward, memorable moment even a different one every time.

So my learning from all this memory-gyan is

“People will forget what U said, people will forget what U did, but people will never forget how U made them feel -Maya Angelou”


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