Malls & Corner shops


One fine day, only within a span of 15 minutes, 2 small incidents made me realize why nukkad shop/kiranewala/croner shop  is better than big shops in Malls.

I asked Kuldeep at McD outlet in EDM Mall’s food plaza, I needed 2 burgers and a cold drink. Suggest a good combo, and make it takeaway. He billed me 210. Later on from the Menu I found out he could have made the combo in 160, as there was a free coke offer on burger i took and he could combine with another offer. So because of his carelessness I paid 50 extra. I was reminded of my visits to Durga Store, where the owner would suggest me products with special offer, even without my asking so that I could save. Similarly he would often procure a product from neighbouring store for me if he didnt have one. So this is the difference.

While I was coming out, wify called and asked me to get a recharge for her airtel phone. I went to PlanetM store in same mall and asked him what offers were on. He said, that i dont know you will have to search for yourself and tell me how much charge you want. I came out and went to the shop i usually went to outside the mall. He said 444 package is there, you get full talk time. So while big retailers talk of big terms, customer engagement, loyalty and all that bs, and when it comes to real customer service, our corner store does it without knowing these high-sounding words.

So corner shop, on many counts is better than shops in Malls, with indifferent sales staff.


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  1. Very interesting! I’m blogging about customer service this week. And its amazing how we have two very different experiences on customer service. Its becoming a huge issue here in the US. I love that quote
    “customer is king” …companies need to post that outside their doors here and have their employees use it as their mantra!

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