A strange thing happened one day. A lady came to my office at 10ish, and started arguing with me as if she knew me for ages. Why don’t you reply to my messages. I am one of your contacts on linkedin and have sent you 2 messages, but you did not reply.Taken aback as I was, I feigned apologetic look, but anger sneaked out from somewhere and she could read it on my face. She maybe noticed it and restrained herself. I asked her to have a seat and lo she bombarded me with how does one get sponsorship in your company, who to contact for outdoor advertising, how does one get support for NGOs, and so on. It was imposing to say the least. Shall be careful in accepting linkedin invites from now on.

Then there are people who send a linkedin invite, and when I accept it, they don’t waste even a day and send a mail requesting for this help and that help. Why can’t these people approach directly, without using the linkedin. I have now stopped responding to such messages. If they don’t care about manners, why should I stick to reply-to-all-mails-u-receive theory.

Now-a-days another trend has started, people who have not even met me in person or worked with me, send me requests with survey monkeys, endorse-mes etc. What do they think I am, a recommending machine.

Then there are people who don’t know me, don’t have any pix on their profile so that I can at least put a face to a name and they send linkedin invite. As a policy I don’t accept such requests.

But linkedin has been very helpful in networking and getting to connect with people and remaining in touch with them where ever they are.


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