Yesterday while sitting with some near and dear ones, I recounted memories of time spent with grandma, so felt like sharing here.

My dadi (paternal grandma) was a petite, fair, ever-smiling lady. Even at 80 her eyes sparkled like that of a child and one couldn’t resist smiling back at her cute smile. She always had kind words and blessings for anyone who sought them. She was the peacemaker of our joint family, but never domineering. Hers was a pleasant , non-interfering aura, and she intervened only when things went out of hand.

One of the two things which I was recounting yesterday was how I relished the daal (pulses) and green vegetables made by her, though I did not eat the ones made by mom (I love mattar-bharta/mashed and fried brinjals with pea, made by her though). The reason was that grandma did not make them on cooking gas but on a chullah (stove) made of bricks and using coal/wood as the burning fuel. The slow cooking process really made the dishes wonderful, coupled with dollops of her love. Every year during Ganesh Chaturthi, father used to fast and we used to wait for daadi to make her pure ghee punjiri, which she made aplenty and we snacked on it for weeks together. With daadi in heaven, we can no longer enjoy that taste anymore.

Second was my habit of sitting by the window in her 1st floor room, and reading books. She saw me reading novels and asked my cousins to learn to study like me. They used to get irritated and tell her, “He is not studying but reading novel.” Daadi in her inimitable style would say, “Whatever, he is sitting and reading at least, and not loitering around.” I obviously enjoyed this special treatment to the displeasure of my cousins.

Now I realize how such short and sweet moments in life go on to make life-long memories. So, enjoying every possible moment in the present is a must to have such pleasant memories in future.


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