Translation jobs


One gets to learn new things with every new assignment. Recently we were asked to get some 60-page document translated to a foreign language. We explored differnt agencies. One agency said Rs. 1500 per page. Then on asking again, they said font size should be 14. I am sure if we had asked further they would have told triple spacing also.

Aniways, we asked other agencies which quoted in the range of 3-5 Rupees per word in their working estimates. So cost was coming out to be Rs. one lakh plus. Being a govt. company, we then asked them to send sealed quotes. There came our learning point. One agency quoted about 25 per cent less than the others. What they did was removed punctuation marks, and repeat words using some software. So the total number of words came out to be less than the normal MS-Word word count. Learning never stops really.


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