We had taken some office item on credit from a firm, and got a cheque made and couriered them within a week. Due to courier problem, the firm did not get the cheque for some time. So the guy called me up again and again to ask about the payment.  I apologised for the delay every time and we followed it up rigourously with courier co. to check and rectify. They took some time but found that it had not been delivered and ensured its delivery.

Courier guy confirmed us the delivery. But the firm guy who was calling again and again, did not have the courtesy to call back and confirm that the payment had been received by them. I called him up after waiting for some days and had to confirm that he had received the payment.

So much for professionalism. And this was a gift boutique in a five-star hotel.


About my2twobits

I am a 40+ male PR executive from India. I have deliberately kept my identity hidden so that I can freely, frankly open my heart and share my feelings about people I know from work and outside. Hope you enjoy the resulting emotional free-flow in my posts. I do fear and dread the day when my identity is disclosed and I may be forced to totally delete this blog, unless of course a publisher comes with an interesting offer ;)

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